No 'Skins game for Haynesworth


No 'Skins game for Haynesworth

By Tom E. Curran Patriots Insider Follow @tomecurran
MIAMI - Happy as he seems at his new address, Albert Haynesworth's bitterness about his Washington experience is never far from the surface. (The feeling is no doubt mutual.)

The latest swipe by the big man came Monday night after the Patriots' season-opening win over the Dolphins.

"Uhhh, we won," Haynesworth said when asked the biggest difference between his first game with the Patriots and how things were in Washington. "I actually played too so that was good."

It was a funny line and came with prompting from a reporter. Haynesworth didn't seem to be seeking a chance to revisit the Washington disaster. But it's clear that, every chance he gets, Haynesworth is going to point out that he believes Mike Shanahan was running a dysfunctional program in Washington. Haynesworth knows the thrashing his reputation took with the Skins and the best way to help rehab it is to point out how great things are in New England and what a great employee he can be when things are done right.

Shanahan, of course, could persuasively argue that Haynesworth played a major role in the dysfunction. He could also point out that the Redskins won this week, too.

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