Ngata: 'I love hitting Brady'


Ngata: 'I love hitting Brady'

Terrell Suggs has been silent on the topic of Tom Brady this year . . . but not one of his teammates.

In an appearance on Friday's 'The Dan Patrick Show,' defensive tackle Haloti Ngata agreed with the assertion that Brady is the most protected quarterback in the NFL and that he loves when he's able to take a shot at him.

"I love hitting Brady because he always complains," Ngata told Patrick. "You can definitely tell, when you hit Brady, he thinks he should never be touched. And it's just part of the game."

When Patrick asked if he agreed with Justin Tuck's statement that Brady is the most protected QB in the league, Ngata replied: "Agree." And when Patrick asked if that made him want to "pound Brady a little bit harder, Ngata said, "Yes, I do."