McDaniels says Brady is still on the rise

McDaniels says Brady is still on the rise
May 30, 2014, 3:15 pm
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FOXBORO – The Tom Brady Window Watch, Year 6.

An update: Friday at Patriots OTAs, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was asked if, as Brady approaches 37, McDaniels still sees improvement.

“Yup,” McDaniels said without hesitation. “I do.”

The reason, McDaniels explains, is there are few flaws and Brady can go after them manically.

“It’s hard for me to ever feel like [improvement] wouldn’t be the case because anytime you have a guy that’s that focused on all of the weaknesses in his game when they’re really aren’t many, you can see where there would be room for growth,” McDaniels explained.

“He listens as good or better than he ever has in terms of taking coaching, working on things were trying to get better at,” McDaniels continued. “That’s a great example for the rest of the guys and he’s shown he will continue to work on different aspects of his game to try and get better.”

McDaniels said throwing on the move is a specific area Brady’s focused on.

“Whether it’s footwork [or] where to put our eyes after the snap, there’s so many things and elements to the quarterback position you can get better at. We were moving in the pocket today and then throwing off-schedule throws. That’s nor necessarily a strength of our quarterbacks but we realized it could have helped us a time here a time there. We’re adamant about trying to make it better.”

And how’s Brady’s approach in this, his 15th go-round preparing for a season.

“Same thing I’m used to seeing,” said McDaniels. “He’s in great shape, great condition. Early into the building. Working really hard. He’s been accurate. Definitely the leader of our group on offense. Competing hard. And that’s really a great example for the rest of the guys on our offense.”