Mazz: Garoppolo already shown more than Mallett

Mazz: Garoppolo already shown more than Mallett
August 8, 2014, 6:30 pm
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Space is getting a little tight on the Jimmy Garoppolo bandwagon after the rookie's first taste of NFL game action.  

Ok, maybe it's not so much a bandwagon for Garoppolo as it is a mass exodus from those standing behind Ryan Mallett. Count Tony Massarotti among those in Garoppolo's camp.

"Garoppolo has looked horrible in camp based on everything we’ve seen, heard, read to this point," says Massarotti. "Then, the first game, I’ve already seen more from Garoppolo than I’ve seen from Ryan Mallett in almost four years." 

If the season were to start tomorrow, Mazz says Garoppolo would be his choice as Tom Brady's backup.

On Thursday night, Garoppolo completed 9-of-13 passes for 157 yards and a touchdown. Mallett, who got the start, went 5-for-12 for only 55 yards. 

Thursday's game against the Redskins was supposed to be Mallett's opportunity to show that he can lead an NFL team. The thinking went something like this - Mallett would get the start, show what he can do with a cast of first string receivers and linemen, build some trade value and then the Patriots could ship him to another team for a draft pick. 

With the dust now settled, it appears teams won't exactly be knocking down the door to acquire Mallett. Mazz says enough is enough and he's done waiting for Mallett to come around.

"Does Ryan Mallett look like he’s improved to you? He looks like the same guy to me he looked like three years ago," says Massarotti. "That guy is useless." 

In only one half of one preseason game, Ryan Mallett appears to have lost the hype that many thought would lead to him landing a starting job somewhere else. Fair or not, Mallett seems to be running out of chances.