Many Brady questions, little info in Belichick answers

Many Brady questions, little info in Belichick answers
September 5, 2014, 10:15 am
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FOXBORO – This morning’s attempts to pry injury information from a clammed-up Bill Belichick went about as one would expect.

With Tom Brady missing practice Thursday, the first five questions were about Brady and his availability.

Initially asked if it’s a setback to not have the presumed starter at Thursday practice, Belichick said, “Jimmy [Garoppolo] steps in and does it. Just like at any other position. No different than anything we’ve done before.”

Our guy Kevin Walsh then took a few whacks at the piñata.

“Is Tom’s situation with his calf something that can be fixed quickly?”

“We’ve listed it on the report like we’re required to do,” Belichick answered

“Any doubts about him being able to start?”

“We listed it today, we’ll see what happens today, we’ll see the way it is today,” said Belichick.

“Do you expect him to practice?” chimed in Mike Petraglia of WEEI.

“We’ll list what happens.”

“Do you know how the injury happened to his calf?” Walsh followed

“We’ve done everything we’re required to do,” Belichick explained. “We listed the injury. We’ll continue to list it. And we’ll list his status based on what the requirements of the league are. Just like we do with every other player.”

The Patriots practice at 11 a.m. The injury report will be out late this afternoon.