Make pick or trade out of first round?

Make pick or trade out of first round?
April 17, 2014, 11:00 am
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Stockpile those picks. That has been the Patriots draft philosophy. Trade back and acquire more assets. Will it continue next month when they're on the clock again?

Phil Perry, Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran and Mike Giardi tackle the question in another edition of Patriots Talk TV.

"Every year there's the debate," Giardi said. "Trade back to get more currency? Or is the year you go up and go all in? You get that big $25 scratch ticket and say, 'I can win. I can win now.'"

Perry is in the all-in camp.

"I think you stay there. You take the $25 scratch ticket," Perry said. "You get the best player that's gonna be able to help you win right now. A lot of people give [Bill Belichick] some crap for trading back all the time. That's not necessarily the case. A couple of years ago they drafted Dont'a Hightower and Chandler Jones and inserted them right away. Jones was an impact guy, Hightower not so much.

"The [All-Pro cornerback Darrelle] Revis signing is a sign that you go for it now. Take the best guy you can and try to win this year."

Curran is not in the all-in camp.

"I want to refute the notion of all in," Curran said. "Darrelle Revis, [wide receiver] Brandon LaFell and [cornerback] Brandon Browner are only the only guys they signed. Aqib was who they intended to sign at corneback. Aqib Talib went somewhere else. Darrelle Revis fell from the heavens into their lap...If he didn't exist, the Patriots would still be screwed. They did what they had to do to replace Talib. It happened to be with an upgrade. I don't think they have changed their philosophy. I don't know if there's anybody because of the depth of this draft, which is very good, where they're going to say, 'I don't think we're going to be able to get a comparable player at [No.] 29. I don't think they're all in.

"But to answer the damn question: Trade back, trade back, trade back. Somebody wants to get [quarterbacks such as Blake] Bortles, [Johnny] Mazniel, Derek Carr at the top of the second round, so get the flip outta there and let them have it."

Giardi said the high-profile QBs could play into the Pats' strategy.

"Clearly, if those guys [the quarterbacks] are there and somebody going to pick up the phone to say, 'Hey, we want Teddy Bridgewater. How'd Teddy Bridgewater get here? We need him,' Giardi said. "So, your going to get a future first-rounder or get multiple picks this year. That's the way Belichick likes to do it. End up with three or four second-round picks. He rolls the dice more in the second round than he does in the first. Second round, maybe take some fliers. Get a [Rob] Gronkowski. Sometimes you get guys who don't work out: Ron Brace, Darius Butler."