Lloyd has earned Brady's confidence


Lloyd has earned Brady's confidence

FOXBORO -- It's taken a few weeks, but Brandon Lloyd and Tom Brady are starting to apply the chemistry they were brewing during training camp to game days.

That fact became clear in Sunday's game against Baltimore, when the pair connected on a perfectly timed back-shoulder reception in the first quarter. It's a play they'd failed to complete a few times in previous weeks.

Lloyd now leads all receivers in catches (22) and targets (33) through three games.

The man could be giddy with excitement over his apparent assimilation, but Lloyd kept any or all of that to himself, as Lloyd is wont to do.

"It is what it is as far as being covered and the execution of the routes, but I feel like we're making progress."

Brady said there's good reason for the connections to continue.

"I have a lot of confidence in Brandon," the quarterback said. "Hes certainly earned it, with his work ethic and his ability to come in here and really digest all the information that hes gotten and developing chemistry with the other receivers. Hes made a lot of big plays for us early in the year."

When asked to expand on the relationship, Brady was far from effusive. It seemed he didn't feel the midst of a two-game losing streak is a good time to shell out merit badges.

"I think that were still working at it. We have a long season ahead of us. Weve made some plays; weve missed some. Were 1-2, so our chemistry in terms of our offense and what were doing isnt very good in general. Were going to try to make some improvements this week and try to see if we can do a better job against a good defense. Theyll really challenge us in all areas with their pass rush, with the secondary and way that they cover, theyre up tight and they jam you and they want to be physical. Its not like there are a lot of easy yards out there."

Here's the rest of Lloyd's Q&A with reporters:

What do you feel is the key to better execution in the red zone?

BL: "Practice."

How close do you think you guys are to reaching your potential? Tom Brady and Deion Branch were saying that with just a few more points of execution, things will be clicking.

BL: "I don't know what the exact points are, but I just know that I need to do my part, you know, running the correct routes and making the plays when I get tapped to be productive in the red zone."

How would you describe the situation this team's in right now at 1-2?

BL: "I don't think I have an answer for that."

How big is this game coming up in Buffalo?

BL: "All the games are big. It's a divisional game, so it's important."

What's your reaction to the controversial conclusion of Monday night's Seattle-Green Bay game?

BL: "No reaction."

How good did it feel Sunday night to be in the flow of the offense? The wide receivers seemed to have a good night.

BL: "It seemed normal. All the stuff that we practiced we were able to go out and execute."

Can you feel the rhythm getting better and better with more game reps?

BL: "Yeah, it's about having success on Sunday's and again, continuing to practice as best we can to recreate those situations."

Tom Brady congratulates Jordan Spieth on British Open win with Facebook video


Tom Brady congratulates Jordan Spieth on British Open win with Facebook video

Jordan Spieth's wayward drive on the 13th hole was nothing more than a speed bump on his way to the British Open title on Sunday.

On Facebook, Tom Brady congratulated his fellow Under Armour endorser in a post shared with another world famous UA pitchman, the Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry.

Brady quoted Curry and posted a short video of Spieth climbing the hill well off the fairway on the 13th hole at Royal Birkdale, where Spieth recovered from a wild tee shot and rallied over the final holes to win the Open Championship. A smiling Robert Redford from "Jeremiah Johnson" nodding in appreciation finishes off the clip.

Drive on #13? As Steph says, make that old. Congrats Jordan Spieth 🏆🏆🏆

Posted by Tom Brady on Sunday, July 23, 2017


Bean: The 2007 Patriots don't get nearly enough love

Bean: The 2007 Patriots don't get nearly enough love

Phil Perry has been running a series on the 2007 Patriots vs. the 2017 Patriots. He breaks everything down position-by-position and compares what should go down as two of the best teams in franchise history. It’s really good stuff. 

Also, a lot of people are idiots. 

    For some reason -- and it’s either because they’re rightfully excited for the upcoming team or because they’re still shell-shocked by 18-1 -- the 2007 Patriots have been shown a remarkable lack of love when it’s come to the reader votes. It’s insane. 

    2007 PATRIOTS vs. 2017 PATRIOTS:

    And before you start with the “This is Boston and it only counts if you win” nonsense, remember that the 2017 team hasn’t done a thing yet, so by saying the 2017 Pats are better than the 2007 Pats, you’re saying the then-greatest offense of all time is worse than a current work in progress.

    As if anyone should need the reminder, the 2007 Patriots rank as the No. 2 scoring team ever, and at the time they were No. 1. Their 36.8 points a game was dwarfed only by the 2013 Broncos, who averaged 37.9. Then again, the Patriots have four of the top 12 scoring teams ever, so there’s no reason to rule out what should be a loaded 2017 group registering high on that list as well. 

    But back to the ’07 team for a second. At the time of this writing, a poll of over 3,300 readers had 67 percent finding the 2017 receivers and tight ends being better than the group from 2007. If ever there were a poll that should be split 50-50, it’s that. In fact, I would take the 2007 group over the 2017, but that’s only because I saw Randy Moss play in every game and am not sure I will see Rob Gronkowski do the same. 

    Think about the options after the top guys in both groups. Donte’ Stallworth was a get in free agency -- a 27-year-old first-round pick with all the talent in the world and a few damn good seasons in New Orleans under his belt -- and the guy didn’t even have 50 catches for that 2007 team. No, it wasn’t because he wasn’t any good; it was because Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Wes Welker were so busy putting up a combined 31 touchdowns together that there was barely time for anyone else. 

    Laurence Maroney was the ’07 team’s lead back, but given how much the team threw and the fact that he missed three games, his 835-yard season with an average of 4.5 yards a pop was a lot better than has been remembered. 

    The only thing you can give the 2017 team over the 2007 one is that they figure to be well-rounded. The Patriots’ defense should be better than that ’07 group, even though the 2007 Pats gave up the fourth-fewest points in the league. Damn, the 2007 Patriots were so good.  

    Yes, that ’07 team lost, but it was still the best team in the league by a mile that season. Bad Super Bowl game plan, bad execution, obviously. But overall? There wasn’t a team close to as good as them that season. 

    The expectation is that something similar could play out this season. The Pats are so much better than everyone else that you’d be nuts to rule out 19-0 talk. Yet that hasn’t happened yet, and for now, the most explosive offense the Pats have ever seen — and very well may ever see — will be that 2007 one. They aren’t held in the same regard as the five championships, and for good reason, but to slight that offense — or really that team at all — is foolish.