Light: 'When it's your time, you just know'


Light: 'When it's your time, you just know'

FOXBORO -- Matt Light's rumored retirement was made official this morning. Robert Kraft gave an introduction, Bill Belichick broke out his special-occasion congeniality, and Light gave a glowing, gracious address before taking questions.

The first question was so elementary but important, it was mind-boggling: Why retire when his body is still cooperating?

"I've got a daughter that's 10 and I've got two boys that are knuckleheads," Light said with a smile. "They need a lot of guidance and a lot more time. One of these things that was apparent over the last few seasons was it takes a lot longer to recover the older you get. It took a lot to give more than a hug and a 'Good morning' to my family."

Light turns 33 in June. He leaves the game with three Super Bowl rings, but perhaps more importantly, his health. It seems that's no small part of why Light said goodbye with a smile on his face -- because he's walking away "upright and feeling good."

One gets the sense it provided him peace; no tears blurred Light's vision Monday.

"To be quite honest with you, I really had this sense of being grateful for the experience," he said. "I remember 2011, this past season, there was a different mindset. Maybe that's why I enjoyed some success out there. I really just felt like I am blessed to be a part of this. It made this season so memorable, so fun, for me, when I finally closed this chapter, I am truly grateful.

"When you know it's your time, you just know."

Study ranks Patriots fan base as second-best in NFL

Study ranks Patriots fan base as second-best in NFL

A scholarly blog from Emory ranks the Patriots as having the second-best fan base in the NFL. 

Compiled by professor Mike Lewis and favoring in numerous statistical data, the list ranks the Patriots first in terms of “social equity,” third in “fan equity” and fifth in “road equity.” The Cowboys hold the top overall spot. 

The following graphic is from Lewis' report. 

Lewis allows for the possibility that many of New England’s fans may be bandwagon fans, but that the league’s Deflategate scandal boosted engagement from Patriots dans on social media. 

Click here for the full report.