Law on Holmes' injury: 'He put a little extra on it'


Law on Holmes' injury: 'He put a little extra on it'

We aren't here to question anybody's toughness.

OK, maybe a little.

No, but seriously, when Santonio Holmes went down last week, it appeared to be a serious injury. Turns out, it was -- not career threatening or anything, but he'll be out for the season with a lisfranc injury (foot).

But even so, how about Holmes' reaction? Giving up the ball after the catch allowing the 49ers to return it for a TD? Taking the cart off the field and out of the stadium?

Holmes isn't the only one to suffer that injury. Former Patriots cornerback Ty Law did the same thing years back . . . except he didn't need a cart to bring him in.

In fact, he refused one. He wanted to keep that tough guy image.

Let him explain in the video.

Bart Scott: Falcons have 'the better quarterback' in Super Bowl

Bart Scott: Falcons have 'the better quarterback' in Super Bowl

Former Ravens and Jets linebacker - now an "NFL Today" analyst for CBS - Bart Scott usually "can't wait" to make his disdain for Tom Brady and the Patriots known. 

He was back at it Tuesday in an interview with CBS Radio's Damon Amendolara, in which he said the Falcons have the better quarterback heading into Super Bowl LI.

“We know they’re the better offense, and right now, you could say they got the better quarterback because they have the MVP of the league,” Scott said. Ryan is the favorite to win the NFL MVP, which will be announced the night before the Super Bowl at the "NFL Honors" show.

“Now that’s a debate, but Matt Ryan has earned the right for his name to be put up there with the upper-echelon quarterbacks," Scott said. "He’s always been elite in the regular season, but now he’s taken this show into the postseason and he’s won the hard battles against the elite quarterbacks and now you have to give him his due.”

More from Scott: “I can’t see the Patriots stopping this offense. So, that means that these receivers are going to have to [keep] pace. It’s all going to come down to what it always comes down to. It’s going to come down to who makes the turnovers, who gets up early and puts the pressure on the other team. Matt Ryan and that offense showed me a lot when they went behind [in the divisional round against the Seahawks]. Seattle came and busted them in the face, and [Atlanta] went right back down and answered immediately.

"The Patriots always find a way, but I think it makes it more close of a game than what people think.”