Lack of Wilson propaganda no big deal for Belichick, Patriots


Lack of Wilson propaganda no big deal for Belichick, Patriots

FOXBORO - Bill Belichick doesn't care whether people think Tavon Wilson was off-the-radar, under-the-radar or through-the-radar.

Matter of fact, he doesn't care much for the radar in general.

Asked Friday night about the fact Wilson, the 48th pick, wasn't invited to the NFL Combine or easy to find in the exhaustive draft guides, Belichick said, "Similar situation with (Sebastian) Vollmer a couple of years ago. We drafted guys I think one year, didnt we draft like three of four guys that were non-Combine guys (2009: Vollmer, Rich Ohrnberger, Julian Edelman)?

"Some guys play in all-star games, some guys dont," Belichick added. "I dont know who picks all those all-star teams. In all honesty, I dont know who picks the Combine for that matter. How does (Miami of Ohio offensive lineman Brandon) Brooks not get invited to the Combine? How did Vollmer not get invited to the Combine? I dont know. We cant really worry about that. We just have to try to evaluate them the best we can. If theyre there, theyre there. If theyre not, theyre not. If they play in an all-star game, we look at it. If they dont, they dont."

Belichick was also asked about trading in this draft. The Wilson pick brought that on. With a player who seemed so lightly regarded around the league other than in Foxboro, why not trade down, add picks and get Wilson later. Belichick was asked about the "trade value chart" made famous by Jimmy Johnson.

"To make a trade, you have to have two people agree to it," Belichick pointed out. "So if two people agree, then whatever it is, its a good trade if youre willing to accept the terms that someone else is willing to give you and vice versa. If it works for both teams, then you have a trade. If it doesnt, it doesnt make a difference what any chart says or what any value is. If two teams arent willing to make the exchange, then you dont have a trade. I dont care what the chart says."

So did the Patriots field any calls about that 48th pick, any offers about dropping back?

"Again, each pick is its own pick," said Belichick. "Im not going to get into analysis on every call that was made. Honestly, I cant remember them all anyway."

Tom Brady congratulates Jordan Spieth on British Open win with Facebook video


Tom Brady congratulates Jordan Spieth on British Open win with Facebook video

Jordan Spieth's wayward drive on the 13th hole was nothing more than a speed bump on his way to the British Open title on Sunday.

On Facebook, Tom Brady congratulated his fellow Under Armour endorser in a post shared with another world famous UA pitchman, the Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry.

Brady quoted Curry and posted a short video of Spieth climbing the hill well off the fairway on the 13th hole at Royal Birkdale, where Spieth recovered from a wild tee shot and rallied over the final holes to win the Open Championship. A smiling Robert Redford from "Jeremiah Johnson" nodding in appreciation finishes off the clip.

Drive on #13? As Steph says, make that old. Congrats Jordan Spieth 🏆🏆🏆

Posted by Tom Brady on Sunday, July 23, 2017