Kraft: NFL should 'work hard' to have team in Europe

Kraft: NFL should 'work hard' to have team in Europe
July 18, 2014, 12:45 am
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In the past, Roger Goodell and the NFL have discussed the possibility of about having an NFL franchise in Europe.

How far away is the league to expanding overseas? New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft hopes it happens sooner rather than later. 

As part of a panel discussing the possibility of relocating a team to Los Angeles, Kraft discussed the idea of having an organization in Europe.

"I can see the kind of reception we got there," Kraft said to, referencing the Patriots trip to London in 2012."I would not be disappointed, and I would also believe that we should work hard to try and have a franchise in London before the decade was out." 

Kraft is also on board with bringing a team back to Los Angeles.

"I know that Roger [Goodell] and I and a number of the owners who care about the long-term health of the NFL feel it's very important for our future to have at least one, if not two teams, in downtown L.A."