Kraft brings life to the Patriots' war room

Kraft brings life to the Patriots' war room
May 16, 2014, 12:15 pm
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The Patriots popped out some behind-the-scenes video of their draft room last week.

As you might expect, nobody was playing Hacky Sack.

Nick Caserio is on speaker phone telling Jimmy Dee in New York whose name to write down. Bill Belichick trudges over to the phone after a kid gets picked and tells him, “Congratulations . . . ” with the anticipated level of enthusiasm.

Then -- injecting some warmth, color and personality to the proceedings -- comes the owner. And Robert Kraft is armed with FACTS!

After getting Florida State center Bryan Stork on the line, Kraft says, “Bryan?! Hi this is Robert Kraft, how are you? Excited about you joinging our squad. Somehow I found out our best offensive linemen have a farming background, that they love to farm . . . ”

No doubt!

Stanford’s Cameron Fleming?

“I’m impressed with your degrees in aeronautics and astronautics. So you’re a good student.”

Hey, the guy’s trying to keep it light. It ain’t easy in there sometimes.