Koppen: Broncos still the favorite in AFC

Koppen: Broncos still the favorite in AFC
April 9, 2014, 9:15 pm
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Dan Koppen has snapped the ball to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. The former Patriot and Bronco joined Arbella Early Edition on Wednesday to size up the offseasons of his two former teams.

"Right now, speaking as a player and analyst, I think Patriots have closed the gap, with what they've brought in the secondary with  [Darrelle] and [Brandon] Browner," Koppen said. "But I still think the Broncos are in the lead in the AFC."

The reason?

"My feeling is [Denver free agent signee] DeMarcus Ware is the X-factor. Secondary and pass defense go hand in hand with your pass rush and bringing in that extra pass rusher... I think the Broncos really missed Elvis Dumervil [who left for the Ravens] last year.

While the Broncos might be the slight favorite, but Koppen called the Patriots "the model. That's how you run your business. I think [Broncos team president John] Elway learned a lot looking at the Patriots."