Jonathan Kraft: Don't believe it's serious

Jonathan Kraft: Don't believe it's serious
August 14, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Jonathan Kraft heard the news when he got a call Wednesday afternoon from his assistant: Tom Brady left the practice field with an apparent injury.

The Patriots team president then finished up a business call and made another call to check up Brady's status.

When Kraft visited the Felger and Mazz Show later in the day, he wouldn't say who he spoke to on the phone or what was said, but it seemed as though he wanted to allay the fears of Patriots fans listening.

"It may have looked serious but . . . I don't have a definitive answer," he said. "I don't believe it's serious, but I do not know."

Kraft explained that the Patriots have the ability to conduct MRIs on site at the Patriots' facilities in Foxboro, but he did not say that Brady was scheduled to undergo an MRI.

"I do not know what happened and state he is in," Kraft said. "But when I asked the question while he was being brought there was, it hopefully did not appear to be that bad. But that is not a definitive statement. Let's not go crazy with it and let's find out what really happened."

A helicopter landed on the lower practice field at Gillette Stadium -- usually used by the Revolution -- soon after Wednesday's joint training camp session between the Patriots and Buccaneers ended. Kraft said he knew why the helicopter was there, and he explained that it had nothing to do with Brady's injury.