Injury scare shows just how valuable No. 12 is

Injury scare shows just how valuable No. 12 is
August 14, 2013, 10:30 pm
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On "Uno Sports Tonight," The Herald's Steve Buckley and Globe's Dan Shaughnessy discuss their immediate reactions after Tom Brady left practice with a knee injury.

Buckley's first thought? "The kids, humanity...," he joked.

Actually, he said his first thought was, "Right away, I'm thinking 5-11...Of course, we all know differently now." Multiple media reports say Brady sustained a sprained knee and the injury isn't considered serious.

"I was thinking it's gonna be a rough season," Buckley said of his initial thoughts.

Shaugnessy talked about how indispensable Brady is.

"It's amazing how important he is to them," Shaughnessy said. "It does go through your mind, 'What would they do without him?"

Co-host Gary Tanguay brought up the 2008 injury that ended Brady's season in the opener. Buckley and Shaughnessy agreed that this was different.

"You knew when he got hit that time you weren't going to see him again," Buckley said.

Co-host Lou Merloni said Brady returning to the field after the injury spoke to the severity of the injury.

"If this were serious, he never would have come back out and throw three more passes and completed all three," he said.

Still, it speaks to Brady's star power how the sports world immediately reacted.

How many athletes when they get hurt, time stands still?" Buckley asked "Pedro, Clemens, Larry, Orr, this guy. There aren't too many guys. When Brady gets hurt, we all react. That's the way of the world."