If Finley in Pats' plans, he'll face tough decision

If Finley in Pats' plans, he'll face tough decision
June 6, 2014, 11:30 am
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Ain’t nothing wrong with that. How many times have we seen a player with measured expectations and a managed workload make an impact in New England? A few.

But if the Patriots make a play for Finley, the former Packers tight end coming off a serious neck injury, he will face a tough decision.

Pro Football Talk poobah Mike Florio writes:

“That’s the point at which Finley will have a tough decision to make. With a $10 million disability policy available to Finley if he’s never able to play again, Finley will have to decide whether to call it quits for $10 million tax free, or whether to return to the NFL for far less than what it would take to earn $10 million after taxes.

“Agent Blake Baratz expressed confidence during a visit last week to PFT Live that Finley can get the insurance money if he chooses not to play, despite the fact that he has received clearance to return. If that’s accurate, Finley could lose a lot of money in exchange for a chance to play football again.”

We don’t know how well Finley checked out when the Patriots did their evaluation. But if the team is to make an offer to the 27-year-old, the financials in 2014 and beyond will have to make sense.