Howe, Ryan: Time for Edelman to get paid

Howe, Ryan: Time for Edelman to get paid
March 13, 2014, 6:30 am
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With Darrelle Revis joining the Patriots in a high-profile signing, will the Patriots now turn their attention to retaining free agent receiver Julian Edelman?

Edelman, who turns 28 in May, became Tom Brady's favorite target last season with 105 catches for more than 1,000 yards.

"I think after he turned down the Patriots latest offer and became a free agent, I think he wanted to take a little more time and assess the situation," Patriots beat writer Jeff Howe told Michael Felger on Sports Tonight. "He's made $3 million in five years. It's time for this kid to get paid."

Long-time Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan said, "The Patriots did not do well by this guy" by letting him test the market.

"I love the dual capability, the punt return thing," Ryan said of the versatile Edelman. "He's terrific. This is his one chance, maybe his only chance, at his particular age to get paid."

Does the presence of Danny Amendola, a receiver who signed with the Patriots last offseason for big money, make Edelman unlikely to return?

"It is redundant to have them on the same team, particularly if he gets Amendola kind of money." Howe said. "You can do this for another year, you can keep Brady happy [by signing Edelman] and then next year cut Amendola, which would help you financially then."