Howe: 1-year deal could motivate Revis even more

Howe: 1-year deal could motivate Revis even more
March 13, 2014, 2:30 am
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Darrelle Revis is a Patriot. Hours after it looked like the Denver Broncos were leaving their AFC Championship Game opponent in the dust once again with their high-profile free agent signings. The Patriots struck back with a bold move.

"After awakening to [Aqib] Talib [to the Broncos] news, I told myself I'm not going to overreact," longtime Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan told Michael Felger on Sports Tonight. "I'm still going to have a little bit of the 'In Bill I trust' faith that things the whole thing isn't going to fall apart down in Foxboro. Then the Demarcus Ware news [of him signing with Denver], and I'm thinking I'm not going to panic, but what's going on down there? I This is phenomenal news for Patriots fans. They're back in the ballgame."

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald said the Patriots offset the Broncos' moves with a better deal for New England.

"An upgrade. A counterpunch. They answered the Broncos, who were starting to looked like they were going to run away with this offseason in the AFC," Howe said. "The got the better player they got the better contract."

Felger pointed out that the Patriots can put the franchise tag on Revis after next season, and continue to do so too keep him around.

"I wouldn't think long-term as long as you can franchise him," Felger said. "Twelve million, 14, 15 it might get a little pricey. But you go year to year. You always have him motivated."

That motivation, Howe said, is a key factor.

"He can do all the things Talib was asked to do," Howe said. "He's still right there with [the Seahakws'] Richard Sherman as the two best cornerbacks in the league. You're going to see him motivated to take that [title] back from Richard Sherman."