How many games will the Patriots win?

How many games will the Patriots win?
August 30, 2013, 9:45 pm
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The Sports Tonight crew play a round robin of Patriots-related games in preparation for the final round of cuts and the season opener.

First up: How many wins will the Patriots have this year?

With an Over/Under of 11.5, the crew is split.

Andy Hart thinks it's a little optimistic.

""I think they're an 11-win football team," said Hart. "I think with all the changes on offense, the young receivers… I think you're gonna see inconsistencies there. And they've got a pretty tough schedule. There' no shame in an 11-win season."

The Patriots' schedule includes at least five to seven "loseable" games, including road games against the Falcons, Bengals, Texans and Ravens. The Patriots also have home games again the Saints, Steelers and Broncos. Add to that a revamped division opponent in Miami, and a Monday Night Game in Carolina against Cam Newton and the Panthers.

Gary Tanguay has a rosier outlook.

"Twelve [wins] just sounds better to me. Twelve just sounds right."

Aside from the merciless ragging about Tanguay's obvious assertion that 12 is better than 11 - an observation Tanguay jokes he "got on Sesame Street this morning" - there's some support for Tanguay's optimism.

"I think this defense, not only is gonna be better than it was last year, but I think at times this defense will carry this offense," said Greg Dickerson.

How many wins do you think the Patriots will finish with this year?