Holley, Howe: Are Pats better than Broncos?

Holley, Howe: Are Pats better than Broncos?
July 24, 2014, 6:00 am
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The Patriots and Broncos are likely the favorites in the AFC this season, but determining which team is better could be very difficult.

If Gronk is 100%, how big of a difference does he make?

"I think as long as Gronkowski is wearing a jersey and he's out on the sidelines they're better than Denver," said Jeff Howe. "The amount of guys they are getting back from injuries, not just Gronkowski, getting Revis. I think they've surpassed Denver, just slightly."

Michael Holley believes matchup will once again come down to Brady vs. Manning.

"It really comes down to which quarterback do you think is going to perform in the big moment in the AFC Championship game," said Holley. "The Broncos have a more explosive offense… the Patriots should have a better defense, slightly. We're talking about pretty much a coin flip."