Hart: Patriots need someone other than Edelman

Hart: Patriots need someone other than Edelman
January 11, 2014, 6:30 am
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Julian Edelman has clearly become the receiver we thought Danny Amendola would be (and still might be once fully healthy). 

Edelman has caught Tom Brady's eye an awful lot over the final three weeks of the regular season, accounting for at least half of Brady's completions in each week. 

Andy Hart joins Sports Tonight to discuss the Patriots' options if the Colts are able to smother Brady's new security blanket and force the QB to look elsewhere. 

"They need to diversify," says Hart. "They need to get somebody else… [The number of Edelman's targets is] just too much. He's done a great job, He's had a great year, hasn't had a lot of yards after the catch. They need somebody to step up...

"I think [Shane] Vereen's the guy. Last week we saw the Chiefs' backs catch a bunch of balls against that Colts defense and I think Vereen has slowed a little bit. They need to get him back to 8-9 receptions."

Amendola figures to be another candidate to draw some additional targets if the Colts key in on Edelman.