Hart: "Denver is the best team in the AFC"

Hart: "Denver is the best team in the AFC"
December 28, 2013, 12:45 am
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With the playoffs drawing near, Andy Hart and John Ryder join Uno Sports Tonight to identify the best team in the NFL.

"I think Denver is the best team in the AFC," says Hart. "They're just going to put up points. They're going to force you to put up points on the scoreboard."

A number of playoff scenarios are still yet to be played out, but Hart isn't impressed with any of the playoff participants, and says it's not about picking the 'best' team, but rather the 'least-flawed' team.

"They're all horrific football teams," says Hart. "Dan Shaughnessy said it, 'A one-eyed team is going to win the Super Bowl.'"

For the Patriots, Ryder believes their big weakness is the defensive line.

"Teams can still run against the Patriots," says Ryder. 

That could be a significant problem as the ability to run the football is historically a big part of playoff success. If teams make a point of emphasizing the run, it will expose the Patriots' biggest weakness.

The Patriots, however, have showed themselves to be a mentally tough and resilient team, and when the stakes are highest, that could level the playing field.