Harrison: Haynesworth got paid and quit


Harrison: Haynesworth got paid and quit

Anybody familiar with the Patriots -- or the NFL for that matter -- knows what type of player Rodney Harrison was.

If he was ever in hot water, it certainly wasn't because he wasn't trying on the field. Quite the contrary, actually. So you can see why he was so disappointed with the way Albert Haynesworth has played -- or hasn't played -- since he cashed in on the Redskins.

Like many people who bought Haynesworth's cheap words when he arrived in New England, Harrison was surprised to see how it ended here with him.

"I thought getting Albert in the offseason, I thought it was actually a good move," Harrison told Tom E. Curran on 'Quick Slants'. "I thought he was going to come in and become a motivated player, get back to what he was earlier in his career in 2003, 2005, 2007 with the Tennessee Titans. I'm very disappointed with Albert. They paid him a lot of money -- not the New England Patriots, the Washington Redskins -- and for a guy to have that type of security, that type of contract, to come out and basically quit, Tom.

"When people look back on Albert Haynesworth's name, they're going to think of him as a guy that was overweight, a guy that quit, a guy that got paid a lot of money, and really went out the wrong way. I'm very disappointed"

"Disappointed" doesn't really begin to describe the feeling fans have regarding Haynesworth. How about "disgusting" for starters? The Pats took a flyer on a guy they thought they could get to. It didn't work. But it has in the past.

"Sometimes you hit gold with certain players," Harrison said. "You go out and you get a guy, you take a chance on Corey Dillon or Rodney Harrison and it pays dividends. Other times you got out and get an Albert Haynesworth and other guys and it doesn't exactly pan out the way you would like."

Haynesworth was just another underperforming member of a Patriots defense that -- going into Week 10 -- is still trying to find its way.

"When you go out and cut guys like Leigh Bodden and Albert Haynesworth, obviously Bill Belichick, he's not happy with the -- he's trying to send a message to the defense," said Harrison.

But it isn't just the defense that hasn't been up to snuff as of late. Over the past three games, the Patriots have not amassed more than 20 points in any of them. Harrison has a few reasons for why this is, and why Tom Brady hasn't looked as sharp this season.

1. The offensive line isn't doing its job: "You have to start with the offensive line. Teams that are good rushing teams that are rushing different stunts, different types of blitzes, they're putting pressure on Tom Brady. The blueprint for beating the Patriots . . . Tight man-to-man coverage, pressure up the middle, and force Brady to his left. Teams are starting to do that and the offensive line is not protecting him."

2. Brady's comfort level isn't right: "Tom, he's staring at his receivers. He doesn't feel comfortable. People are playing tight man-to-man coverage. He's got a 'robber' playing in the middle of the field so when Wes Welker or guys are coming across the middle they have someone there."

3. Brady is trying to do too much to make up for other team voids: "They're pressing. Tom Brady is pressing because he knows that this defense isn't really very good. They're going to give up a lot of points, they're going to give up a lot of yards, and he's putting a lot of pressure on himself to go out there and make plays. So he just needs to relax, they need to run the football, but they have to, more important than anything, they have to protect Tom.

The Patriots are losers of two in a row. The Jets are playing their best football of the season, and look for revenge against the Patriots at home. Still, Harrison thinks the Patriots are going to snap out of their recent funk and get back on track with a win. That is, if they do the necessary things to win.

"I really believe they rebound in this situation," Harrison said. "The Jets are playing pretty good football. To go on the road up in a hostile environment in Buffalo and to win that football game. Buffalo, they have a very explosive offense. I was impressed with that. I think the Patriots go up there -- if they establish the run, they can't turn the the ball over like they did in the playoffs last year. I think the Patriots win this football game."

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