Hardy on new defense rules: Pats have to 'do homework'

Hardy on new defense rules: Pats have to 'do homework'
August 9, 2014, 11:45 am
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Will the ghost of Bill Polian continue to haunt the Patriots?

Polian, the former Colts GM who has long since moved on to ESPN, pushed the NFL to change its rules on defensive contact on pass receivers after the Pats manhandled Indianapolis in the playoffs in Foxboro all those years ago.

Now, it seems, there's going to be a renewed emphasis by the league and its officials to enforce those rules. A push to stop the pushing, and grabbing.

How will it impact this season's Patriots and their new-look secondary, featuring corners Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner? On Sports Tonight, Hardy from 98.5 The SportsHub tries to answer the question.

"I think the Patriots are going to have to do their homework and figure out exactly what going to be called, how it's going to be called," Hardy told Michael Holley. "We've seen them plead ingnorance before on, what was it? the second-tier last year on the field goal [a penalty called in a loss to the Jets]. Coached up correctly, [Browner] should be able to figure it out."

Speaking of cornerbacks, the Eagles arrive in Foxboro this week, including cornerback Cary Williams, who has been trotting out the old "Patriots are cheaters and haven't won a Super Bowl since Spygate" line in camp.

Paul Perillo said you can "expect Tom Brady to throw some passes his way" this week. Williams, a former Raven, came into the league in 2008, after the Spygate scandal, but Perillo figures he was quickly indoctrinated by the likes of Tyrell Suggs and others in Baltimore on how to get under the Pats' skin.

"I'm so tired of this storyline," Perillo said. "I don't know. I guess it's relevant."