Gronk would be 'cool' with having a gay teammate


Gronk would be 'cool' with having a gay teammate

Summer vacation may be coming to an early end for New England's star tight end Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots have told Gronk to cool it for a little while and to kind of hang low. Pats number 87 has been seen several times as "Roberto. Yo soy fiesta" and this kind of behavior is scaring the organization. However, the Patriots can be very pleased with the mature aspects displayed by Gronk when he was asked about a possible gay teammate.
As the All-Pro Tight End was strolling down the red carpet at the ESPY's last week, he was approached by The reporter got the idea in the head of Gronk that OutSports was the "ESPN for homos". The reporter than asked Gronk if he would be okay with playing along side a teammate that was gay. Gronkowski was reluctant to answer in fear of saying the wrong thing and coming off as offensive. What Gronk did comment on was, "If that's how they are, that's how they are. I mean, we're teammates, so as long as he's being a good teammate and being respectful and everything, that's cool." So it looks like Roberto is capable of maturing and keeping it cool.

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Brady’s pre-draft Facebook post tries to provide some inspiration to picks

Brady’s pre-draft Facebook post tries to provide some inspiration to picks

Pick No. 199 in 2000 tried to provide a little inspiration to the next generation of NFL draftees before the first selection Thursday night. 

Remember: they can't measure heart. Whether you're picked first, last or not at all, YOU decide what happens next, every day. Good luck!!!

Posted by Tom Brady on Thursday, April 27, 2017


Bills trade down, land a corner to help replace Gilmore

Bills trade down, land a corner to help replace Gilmore

Give the Bills some credit. On Thursday night they made the kind of move that even Bill Belichick might stand up and applaud. 

With an opportunity to sit at No. 10 overall and draft any number of players -- perhaps a quarterback not named Mitch Trubisky, perhaps the consensus top corner in the draft Marshon Lattimore -- they took advantage of the Chiefs' interest in Texas Tech gunslinger Pat Mahomes and traded out.

What they ended up with was the No. 27 overall pick, Kansas City's first-rounder next year, and an addition third-round pick this year. 

A corner-needy team after Stephon Gilmore signed with the Patriots as a free agent this offseason, the Bills watched Lattimore come off the board at No. 11 overall to the Saints. They also saw Alabama corner Marlon Humphrey head to Baltimore with the No. 16 overall pick.

But Buffalo held tight at No. 27 and still picked up one of the better cover men in this year's class. LSU's Tre'Davious White is the kind of player that new Bills head coach Sean McDermott believes will help solidify his secondary. 

"He plays inside, he plays outside, he's also a returner in terms of the special teams value," he told reporters, via Matt Fairburn of, "so we feel good about it."

White is 5-foot-11, 192 pounds and was a four-year starter for the Tigers. Though he may have issues helping in run support, he seems ready to check talented wideouts at the next level after compiling a backlog of good experience against tough receivers in the SEC.

The pick wrapped up the night for Patriots competitors in the AFC East. All three clubs opted to go with players who will try to slow down Tom Brady and his offensive teammates twice next year.

The Dolphins went with a pass-rusher while the Jets picked up arguably the best defensive back in the class.