Gronk gets big billing for just one line on big screen

Gronk gets big billing for just one line on big screen

A feature film with Rob Gronkowski (that wasn't recorded by a cellphone on a cruise ship or a duck boat) opened Friday. And despite having just one line, he's front and center on the poster for "You Can't Have It" - a tale of a final night at a dive bar that doesn't promise to be part of another Best Picture mixup at next year's Oscars.

The Patriots tight end plays one of the largest detectives in law enforcement history and delivers the immortal phrase, “Someone needs to do some explaining. What’s going on?” 

Co-star Joanna Krupa complained to TMZ that the big guy struggled a bit on the set. "We had to do re-take after retake for his one line," she said. 

It's been a busy offseason of movies for Gronkowski as he recovers from back surgery that ended his season well before the Pats' Super Bowl run. He was also in "American Violence", which opened in February. 

Dorsett (knee) hoping to be able to practice this week


Dorsett (knee) hoping to be able to practice this week

FOXBORO -- The picture at wide receiver wasn't pretty for the Patriots by the time the clock hit zeros in the fourth quarter in New Orleans over the weekend. 

Chris Hogan looked hobbled for much of the second half. Phillip Dorsett left with a knee injury. Danny Amendola was ruled out well in advance of kickoff with a concussion and a knee injury. Matthew Slater was ruled out due to a hamstring injury. Brandin Cooks looked like the only Patriots wideout to finish the game feeling spry.


But as the team prepares for the Texans this week, Dorsett is hoping he'll be back on the field with his teammates for practice. 

"I feel good," Dorsett said in the Patriots locker room Monday. "Just a little sore, but I'm alright."

Not only would it help the Patriots offense to have another body available at receiver, but Dorsett understands how crucial it is for him to practice as much as possible. He was acquired in a trade with the Colts just before the season, and he knows he has work to do to get adjusted to his new offense.

"It's just me going out there and getting the plays in practice," Dorsett said when asked about his confidence level in running New England's system. "I feel like practice builds my confidence. If I get to play in practice, I feel more comfortable when it comes to the game."

Dorsett looked comfortable in Week 2, catching three passes for 68 yards. His first grab in the first quarter went for 23 yards and came on a play when Tom Brady, who was hit as he released, threw a floater down the right sideline. Dorsett alertly saw the pass falling short and worked back toward the line of scrimmage to make the catch. 

"I think he trusts me," Dorsett said of Brady. "We work a lot during practice and after practice. Hopefully we can continue to gain more trust as the season goes on. It's only the second game. We got a long way to go."

More practice time would be helpful in allowing that relationship to continue to grow. We'll see if Dorsett gets any when the Patriots take the fields behind Gillette Stadium on Wednesday afternoon.