Giardi on the Pats final preseason performance

Giardi on the Pats final preseason performance
August 29, 2013, 11:30 pm
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The final preseason game for the New England Patriots was not one without intrigue.

Sure, it's not the regular season but a pair of offseason pick-ups that appeared likely to have an impact on the roster (and almost guaranteed to make the squad), may have been fighting for their spots on the team Thursday night.

Those two would be ex-Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson and journeyman return specialist Leon Washington.

How did they fare in Thursday night's preseason finale?

Starting with Wilson, Mike Giardi had the answers.

"I think after last week when Wilson was playing in the game in the fourth quarter while Kanorris Davis, a rookie, was sitting on the sidelines and not playing, you said to yourself, something's really up here," Giardi said. "Really over the course of the preseason, he hasn't shown much, there's a couple of memorable plays from him in the entire preseason, they came in practice sessions against the Eagles, but that was several weeks ago."

"I think that Adrian Wilson is probably going to find himself on the waiver wire come Saturday at 6 p.m."

The doomsday prediction is not exactly a welcome one among Patriots fans with the secondary remaining such an iffy unit heading into the 2013 season.

In regards to Washington, Giardi was not much more optimistic on his prospects.

"As for Washington, I still don't quite understand the way they're using him here, I believe that he is their most logical option to fill in for Shane Vereen as the third-down back," Giardi said. "They're so bad at kick returns and he's still got it on kick returns, yet here they are having him run back punts and not run back kicks. It's either they know what he can do and they're trying to test his versatility or they've made a decision [on their running backs]…and Leon Washington may find himself in trouble as well."

The Patriots roster will be trimmed to 53 on Saturday. Adrian Wilson and Leon Washington will certainly be two names fretting whether they will be casualties of cut day.