Gasper: To win, it can't be all Brady


Gasper: To win, it can't be all Brady

Chris Gasper joins Felger & Mazz and says if the Patriots want to win another Super Bowl, they won't be able to do it with their current makeup, which puts too much pressure on Tom Brady.

Gasper also throws some interesting trivia. How many playoff touchdowns did Brady throw in his first Super Bowl-winning season? We'll cue up the music while you think it over... Ready?


In fact, the first time he threw multiple touchdowns in a playoff game was in the Super Bowl against the Panthers (he threw three).

What does that tell us?

That the Patriots should play the Panthers more often? Possible, but not what we're going for.

Gasper says it should tell us that when the Patriots were winning Super Bowls, it wasn't all on the shoulders on Brady.

"Until they get the running game to a point where they can use it, and it's reliable in the playoffs, and when teams go to the nickel they can contend with that, and they get to a point where the defense can come up and make stops, I don't think it matters what Brady does."

For more on this debate, check out the video above.

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