Florio: Jets will be a 'mess' all year

Florio: Jets will be a 'mess' all year
September 6, 2013, 1:15 am
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The J-E-T-S  Jets! Jets! Jets! are a M-E-S-S Mess! Mess! Mess!

That is at least the consensus forming around the NFL, and Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio is totally on board.

Gang Green is largely expected to occupy the cellar of the AFC East, and many put them only ahead of the Oakland Raiders in terms of the entire conference.  

This was a team that competed in a conference championship game just three years ago. How did matters turn so sour so quickly? 

The offensive ineptitude has played a large role in the rapid demise of coach Rex Ryan's regime.  

As Florio points out though, the fact that the coach is still with the Jets in 2013 is a main culprit for this potentially becoming a disaster. 

"We can trace this back to the decision to fire GM Mike Tannenbaum, hire GM John Idzik, keep coach Rex Ryan for at least a year," Florio said. "If you're going to clean house, you've got to clean house. You can't just hire a new GM, you've got to let the new GM hire his own coach from the get go, or you're going to get this dysfunction."

Moving over to a happier topic, the old Brady-Manning debate was rekindled in a gentler form. The question posed to Florio was: which of these two quarterbacks was more likely to capture the NFL MVP award this season?

The Patriots may have made it further in the playoffs last season, but Florio said he likes the man out west to earn the distinction here.

"I think it's going to be Peyton Manning this year, last year it looked like Manning was going to win MVP until [Vikings running back Adrian] Peterson went nuts down the stretch, with more than 1,300 yards in his final eight games to take away that MVP award from Peyton Manning," Florio said. "This year I feel the Broncos offense is even better, and it's got to be even better because the defense has been hampered…Peyton Manning's got to do more for his offense than Tom Brady has to do for his I believe."

This segment was filmed before the season opener between the Broncos and Ravens on Thursday night. In that game, Peyton Manning was 27-for-42 for 462 yards and a record-tying 7 TDs. At least on that prediction, we are already seeing results in Florio's favor.