Florio: Foundation still there for Patriots

Florio: Foundation still there for Patriots
August 12, 2013, 9:15 pm
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Notwithstanding the quick rise of undrafted tight end Zach Sudfeld, the pass catching portion of the Patriots remains an area of mystery and concern to those of the New England region.

The targets Tom Brady has lost are well-documented and the memories of the barren 2006 receiving corps have been invoked on numerous occasions.

Despite these changes, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio does not have many doubts about this Patriots squad.

After all, the two main pieces of the organization are still in place and that is enough to keep New England on track.

"Last I checked Bill Belichick is still the head coach, Tom Brady is still the quarterback," Florio said. "Whether that means more in the running game, whether that means more guys that get moved around, maybe even pulling a guy over from defense to play some offense at receiver, tight end whatever, Belichick's there, Brady's there, the Patriots will find a way."

The team has already displayed its efforts in one preseason game thus far, with the offense pulling off a 31-point effort against the Philadelphia Eagles. It's a good start, but we'll see as the preseason carries on and the regular season commences whether or not Florio's assertion is naive or right on the money.