Fill in the Blank: Tebow's next team will be __

Fill in the Blank: Tebow's next team will be __
September 4, 2013, 1:45 pm
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The NFL season will commence in a little more than 24 hours, making this a time ripe for season prognostications from all of the experts who cover the league.

On Uno Sports Tonight, that idea is no different.

The trio of Gary Tanguay, Michael Felger and Steve DeOssie were in studio Tuesday night to offer up some preseason predictions in their "Fill in the Blank" segment.

The questions started out Patriots-centric, the first of which pondered the touchdown totals for the team's wide receivers.

Which wide receiver will lead New England in touchdown receptions? For DeOssie, that man will be…

"[Kenbrell] Thompkins, and he's a long-shot Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate too," DeOssie said. "How's that sound?"

Felger didn't offer up a specific player as his response to the question, instead saying that he feels the receivers may not get many touchdown-scoring opportunities.

"I wouldn't be surprised if no receiver has more than five touchdowns," Felger said. "I mean really, when you've got Gronkowski or Sudfeld or those big guys, it's tough."

Of course, even after being released by the squad, Tim Tebow came up among the bevy of topics.

The crew came across the inquiry of which team Tebow will play for next.

DeOssie's answer? Not one in the NFL.

"[I think he will be on] the broadcast team of someone. I would even see him doing college football broadcasts," DeOssie said. "He's just not a good enough quarterback, he doesn't throw the ball well enough to be an effective quarterback in the NFL."

"I think he looks worse because he's not playing against guys who aren't in the professional level, the speed factor. You throw the ball the way he does against cornerbacks in the NFL, that's a lot more difficult and maybe he's pushing it because he knows that."

Finally, there were the more NFL-wide predictions. The experts picked their NFC Champions (all went with San Francisco) and the player who would capture the MVP.

Tanguay and DeOssie went with Colin Kaepernick, while Felger went down a different path.

"I'm going off the board, Andrew Luck is going to win the MVP," Felger said. "That is the next great player in this league."

What do you think of these predictions? Any of them especially prescient or egregious? Offer your thoughts in the comments section.