Felger: Is the NFL headed in wrong direction?

Felger: Is the NFL headed in wrong direction?
August 20, 2014, 7:30 am
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"The passing rules are just the tip of the iceberg." -Michael Felger

What direction is the NFL heading?

In March, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was very critical of where the NFL is headed.

"I think the NFL is ten years away from an implosion. When pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And they're getting hoggy." said Cuban.

On Arbella Early Edition, Michael Felger agreed with Cuban, and listed the reasons why. 

"If the NFL continues down this path of just watering down their sport," said Felger. "The passing rules are just the tip of the iceberg. Thursday Night Football, Sunday night, Monday night, extra playoff teams, extra playoff games. The owners want to go to 18 games, you know that. A team in Europe. All of it just serves to spread it thin, spread it thin, spread it thin. Eventually that does catch up to you."

Gary Tanguay brought up the fact that the Super Bowl halftime show is up for bid.  

"It was reported that they wanted to grow revenues from $10-12 billion where it is right now to $25 billion by next decade." said Felger. "That means everything is for sale. And in the process of doing this, again they're going to spread it too thin. You ask where the rules emphasis came from, it came from the owners. It came from marketing surveys and the business end of the NFL. It came from the business people, it did not come from the football people."