Felger & Mazz: The Obligatory Belichick Snort

Felger & Mazz: The Obligatory Belichick Snort
October 11, 2013, 7:15 pm
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A superfluous poet Bill Belichick is not.

In fact, anyone capable of extracting an answer that actually addresses the question being asked should consider a career in interrogation.

But now, Bill has a new weapon in his repertoire of evasive commentary - bodily functions.

When asked about his confidence in the team's medical doctor due to the delays in Rob Gronkowski's return, Belichick responded that he already addressed the topic. When questioned about when exactly he had previously responded, Belichick offered this gem:

"We'll get you the quotes if you don't have them. As it relates to our medical people, we have confidence in all of them. They do a good job." 

At the conclusion of his response, Belichick added a dramatic snort - the kind you might use if participating in a spitting contest. A throaty, flemmy snort dripping with derision.

And if there's one duo that would get excited about Belichick flem, it's Michael Felger & Tony Massarotti.

"I'm gonna let you know just how I feel about that question by snotting into the microphone," said Felger, offering a Belichick impersonation.

"He would've spit it at [the reporter] if he could've," said Massarotti.

"He would've swallowed the snotball through his nose and then hucked it at him," said Felger.

Just another example of pure poetry from Belichick.