Felger: I don't see Pats '09 breakdown repeating

Felger: I don't see Pats '09 breakdown repeating
August 27, 2014, 3:15 pm
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With the trade of Logan Mankins to the Bucs, Michael Felger is recalling previous big deals that went down just before the season began that shook up the Patriots.

"In 2003, they were upset early after Lawyer Milloy was released, but they got over it real quick and went on to win the Super Bowl [over Carolina]," Felger said on Sports Tonight.

He then remembered the trade of Richard Seymour to the Raiders in 2009 as the regular season approached that year.

"'09 was the one year Bill Belichick lost his team. Both Vince Wilfork and Logan Mankins were beefing about contracts. This was when Adalius Thomas left the reservation. Shawn Springs left the reservation. Randy Moss was doing his turdball routine. There was a vacuum in that locker room, but I don't see '09 repeating itself."

Chris Price of WEEI.com said there's one problem with the 2009 vs. the 2014 comparison. The '09 Pats weren't that good.

"The 'O9 comparisons are apt. The Seymour comparisons are apt. But when you're talking about '09, that team was the most mentally soft team Belichick has ever had and even if Richard Seymour had ended up staying here, they weren't much more than a 10-6 team. [They finished 10-6 and lost in a wild-card playoff game.]