Felger: Belichick won't get inside Luck's head

Felger: Belichick won't get inside Luck's head
January 7, 2014, 6:45 am
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Michael Felger thinks the days of Bill Belichick getting inside any opposing quarterback's head are over.

First things first. Michael Felger believes the New England Patriots will beat the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, and that Bill Belichick's defense will get the better of Andrew Luck.

But not for the reasons you may think.

"I think Belichick's defense can handle T.Y. Hilton, and I think that that is Andrew Luck's favorite guy," Felger told Gary Tanguay Monday night on 'Arbella Early Edition'. "That's the guy that got Luck going last week (in the Colts' amazing comeback win over the Chiefs). So I think [the Patriots] can take T.Y. Hilton out of the game and I think that's going to hurt Andrew Luck."

You mean, Mike, that Belichick won't devise a defense that will befuddle and confuse Luck, the way he's done to so many other quarterbacks -- particularly Peyton Manning early in Manning's career -- over the years?

"I don't think Bill can do that to any quarterback anymore," asserted Felger. "Those days of Bill crawling inside of Peyton Manning's head and other quarterbacks' [heads], that's sort of gone, right? That [ended] when he lost his horses and they changed all the rules in the league."

On Saturday, though, Felger thinks the Pats' defense will be good enough.

"I just like the Patriots' defense because I think the Colts have to [score] 30 [points to win the game]," he said. "I think the Patriots' offense is going to have their way in this game. And I think the Pats' offense is going to end up either north of 30 [points scored] or right around 30, and I think the Pats' defense is good enough to keep the Colts in the 20s."

So there.