Felger: 2013 is the year for the Patriots


Felger: 2013 is the year for the Patriots

Mike Felger got a lot of people up in arms when he picked the Ravens to beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

Well, he was right.

But hopefully he's right in his next prediction: He feels that 2013 is the year for the Patriots, as in the year they win the Super Bowl.

Chris Gasper joined Gary Tanguay and Mike Felger on Sports Tonight to discuss the Patriots closing in on becoming that balanced team that can win it all.

All three agree that they are closing in on that exact thing.

"I think this was a more talented team than the one that went to the Super Bowl last year," Gasper said. "I truly believe that. Better on defense, better running game, I would have liked to see a little more commitment to the running game but I do think they're getting better. I don't think they're as close as you think they are on defense, Felger. I think you're exaggerating how close they are on defense."

All three also agree that they'll win one more with Belichick and Brady leading the charge.

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