Expert Hotline: Former NFL referee Red Cashion


Expert Hotline: Former NFL referee Red Cashion

Just like NFL fans are watching in horror as replacement referee after replacement referee botches call after call, former NFL referees are doing the same.

Take former NFL ref Red Cashion, who has been retired from the league since 1997.

Cashion was asked to help train these replacement referees, of which he declined. Now, he's forced to watch the same poor product we are including Monday night's debacle in Seattle.

So, Red, what the heck happened out there?

"Aw, well, whatever it was it wasn't good," he said on The Felger & Mazz Show Tuesday. "I don't really know what happened. The problem you've got is that you've got a bunch of people working these games that simply is beyond them."

Fact. We knew that before Monday night, but the end result of the game certainly didn't change anybody's mind.

Cashion goes on to compare a no-name QB from a no-name school filling in for an injured Tom Brady. How would that work out for New England? You can imagine.

But Cashion doesn't know how things got to this point he said "that's been the biggest mystery to me".

We all know how great the NFL can be when everything is clicking on all cylinders, and Cashion himself says it has always been a first-class organization. He hopes he can still say that now, but seems hesitant to.

After all, the NFL did come out with a statement saying it agreed with the call made on the field. Did they seem something we didn't? Cashion says it's possible. But . . .

"That doesn't explain why when two officials disagree the referee didn't go and try to talk to the two officials and try to decide which call to go with," he said.