Ex-Patriots Light and Brown laugh at -- and with -- Brady

Ex-Patriots Light and Brown laugh at -- and with -- Brady
January 14, 2014, 6:00 pm
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Watch Matt Light and Troy Brown poke fun at Tom Brady's haircuts and commercials and such . . . and then enjoy their Web-only tales of practical jokes pulled on, and with, their old QB.

If you watched 'Arbella Early Edition' on Tuesday night, you saw former Patriots Matt Light and Troy Brown have their fun with Tom Brady.

They passed judgment on some of his haircuts over the years. (There was one in particular that Light referred to as "duckbill" and Brown called "Gumby".) And his rather pathetic attempts at dancing during a festival in Brazil. And making a rather, ah, timid trip down a water slide. (Light imitating what he thought was Brady's high-pitched scream was particularly amusing.) And the famous GQ photo with the goat. And the commercials . . . particularly the one for Uggs. ("When they're on him, they're almost superhuman," said Light. "He can actually jump higher with Uggs on, which means he can get at least three inches off the ground.")

That's the stuff you saw on TV. You can see it again if you click the video above.

But if you watched TV, they also promised you more on CSNNE.com. And at the 2-minute-and-16-second mark of the video above, Light and Brown began regaling Gary Tanguay with stories of pranks they played on -- and with -- Brady.

"We pulled off some things that, literally, were five stars," marveled Light. "It took months and months to execute."

Light was particularly proud of the time they filled Brady's Lexus with peanuts. "Three industrial bags of peanuts" is what it took, according to Light. "We filled it from the sun roof. We literally filled it completely from the top. It was unbelievable. And there's no way you can get it [all] out of your car."

Then there was the time they got hold of the bank dye that's used in bank robberies. "Once it coated your nails, either your toenails or fingernails, it's embedded [there]," said Light proudly. "There's no way to get it off."

"I remember there was like a streak that [coach Bill Belichick] had to step in somewhere," said Brown, "[to not let] the stuff get out of hand."

But Brady wasn't the only victim. In fact, he helped plot one of the more memorable stunts.

"We took the tires off [then-backup quaterback Matt Cassel's] car, all four of them," said Brown. "Had it sitting in the parking lot."

"And two of the tires were in Cassel's locker," added Light. "This was a teaser, like, 'Hey, there may be a problem . . . ' "

But the two former Pats stars say it was a way to deal with the quest for perfection that's a part of playing for the Patriots.

"When you have a culture (of joking) like that, though, it makes thing so much easier," said Light. "When you're in that environment -- every day you got to get better, and nothing's ever good enough -- somebody has to create some levity."

And do you think Brady misses you, Matt?

"I can promise you," Light said, "he is as happy as anyone that none of his stuff gets messed with. He can at least look forward to a normal operating procedure and not have me screw something up."