Do Patriots regret losing Wes Welker?

Do Patriots regret losing Wes Welker?
September 6, 2013, 7:15 pm
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You know that feeling when you see how well your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is doing with their new significant other? After watching Wes Welker make nine catches, including two touchdowns in the Broncos season-opener, the New England Patriots wouldn't be blamed if they felt that uncomfortable churning in their stomach.

Welker became the first player to ever catch a pass from both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

But Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran says the Patriots should hold their heads high, and that there's still a good chance that they made the right decision.

"I think the Patriots when they look at it, they're gonna look at a 27-yr old Danny Amendola and a 32-year old Wes Welker and say, 'Look there's a chance Wes Welker might play better this year, talk to me in 2015 and see who's a better player then.'

True to form, Welker was all over the field and made a number of nice plays.

"It's probably the same player we've seen over the last five years, continuing to do what he does [but] with Peyton Manning [instead of Tom Brady]," says Curran.

Welker's former teammates were happy to see his success.

"No surprise, he's a great player," said Brandon Spikes.

"Wes is a buddy of mine and that's just Wes being Wes," said Julian Edelman.

Keep in mind, it's only one game. And a deeper look at the numbers show Welker's performance might have actually been a step back from his production with the Patriots. Both his yards per catch and yards per target were far below what he averaged in New England.

Patriots fans will get a chance to see Welker in action on November 24th when the Broncos come to Gillette Stadium.