Did snowstorm lead to end of Spikes' season?

Did snowstorm lead to end of Spikes' season?
January 11, 2014, 11:45 am
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Was this picture the preface to Brandon Spikes landing on injured reserve?
This morning, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that Spikes’ tardiness last Friday prompted the Patriots to pull the plug on the ailing linebacker’s season.
Mortensen said Spikes’ late appearance was the “final straw” for Bill Belichick. He added that Spikes placement on IR was mutually agreed upon by the team and the player.
Spikes was placed on IR Monday. His effort to play with the injured knee has been valiant over the last two months but his effectiveness – especially when moving laterally or when accelerating – was compromised.
While we haven’t confirmed that Spikes was indeed late and that a tipping point was reached, the notion that Spikes was trying the patience of the coaching staff isn’t far-fetched.
Spikes does his own thing. Enjoyed by his teammates and lauded for his leadership on the field, his benign rebellious streak has been noted before. As a result, it’s easy to envision the team – after debating whether Spikes was becoming a liability because of the knee – saying “screw it” if and when he showed up late.