DeOssie: Is there a rift between Belichick and Gronk?

DeOssie: Is there a rift between Belichick and Gronk?
September 3, 2014, 2:00 am
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Rob Gronkowski says he is ready to go, but Bill Belichick says he makes the final decision.

Why all the confusion? 

Steve DeOssie joined Sports Tonight to give his take on the situation.

"I'll tell you exactly what happened," said DeOssie. "They told Gronk he was going to play. Gronk's as excited as a 6-year-old on Christmas morning, he was fired up and let it out sooner than he should have.  They mistakenly though Gronk could contain his enthusiasm. 

"In the long run Bill Belichick had to come back and say, 'OK, let's bring it back in a little bit.' "

Bob Neumeier suggested that there could be some trouble between Gronk and Belichick.

"I have never heard Rob Gronkowski say the wrong thing," said Michael Felger. "I have a hard time just passing this off as, 'Oops, that's Gronk being Gronk.'  Gronk never does that sort of stuff. You look at the history with his family and the team, and his doctor and the team. You just got to wonder if it's in there somehow."