DeOssie: Tebow 'doesn't belong in the NFL'

DeOssie: Tebow 'doesn't belong in the NFL'
September 5, 2013, 7:30 pm
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It's been nearly a week since Tim Tebow was released by the Patriots, but his name is just one that lingers on in New England even after his departure. 

Two former Patriots, Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie, discussed what they took away from the polarizing ex-Gator's time with the Patriots on New England Tailgate Thursday evening. 

As usual, football was not the sole talking point that came up regarding this topic.

 For Smerlas, Tebow's acquisition proved to be just as divisive as expected.

"I think people took such delight in bashing this guy, he's a third-string quarterback that did well in Denver, then he didn't play at all with the Jets, and they brought him in here and he couldn't throw the ball," Smerlas said. "Every day was a Tebow thing, and if he made it he would've been one of the last guys to make it and I think people stuck it out with him because they were tired of other people bashing him because of his religion." 

Certainly, Tebow's presence on a squad, if anything, is entertaining. 

Bickering can make for increased interest in an operation, yet DeOssie felt it sidestepped the obvious regarding Tebow's ability to compete in the NFL.

"There were frauds on both sides of the equation, there were frauds that were bashing him because they didn't like his Christian stance and there were frauds who were defending him as a football player because they loved his Christian stance," DeOssie said. "The fact is, he doesn't belong in the NFL for what he showed. I don't care one way or another, religion or otherwise, can you help this team win, that's all that matters and Tim Tebow can't."