Curran: What Patriots star could be next out the door?

Curran: What Patriots star could be next out the door?
August 28, 2014, 7:30 am
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With the Patriots still dealing with the aftershock of the Logan Mankins trade, Tom E. Curran joined SportsNet Central to discuss which Patriots stars could be out the door in the near future.

"These things happen like the plates on the earth," explained Curran. "Slowly, slowly, slowly, then they give way once a contract gets too fat, once a cap hit doesn't match up to what projected and performance is."

With Jimmy Garoppolo in the fold - and playing well - Curran discusses what it will be like if the team decides to part ways with Tom Brady.

"While he currently holds low-ish salary cap numbers," he said. "Jimmy Garoppolo has been drafted. Jimmy Garoppolo performed well. Do the Patriots want two years of Jimmy Garoppolo sitting there? Or two years?

"Now I think you look at that and say, boy when Tom Brady goes it probably won't be at the end of his contract as a free agent, it will be a point that the Patriots say, 'you know what, time to move him out.' It will come like a meteor."

Vince Wilfork recently restructured his deal with the Patriots, something Logan Mankins reportedly wasn't willing to do.

"I think Vince and Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization is very much understanding of this being a business proposition. When it ends it will very much be, 'well, we saw that coming.'"