Curran vs Adams: Week 1 Fan Duel

Curran vs Adams: Week 1 Fan Duel
September 6, 2013, 12:00 am
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The majority of the opening week of the regular season will occur on Sunday. And that means plenty of fantasy action as well.

Important decisions must be made regarding who to start as the matchups draw near.

The three most obvious positions to be dealt with are the quarterback, wide receivers and running backs. 

CSNNE's own Tom E. Curran and Rotoworld's Kay Adams took to debating this topic.

Each chose the one player at each position, with the stipulation that once a player is picked they cannot be taken the rest of the season.

With that in mind, Adams chose Robert Griffin II, Ahmad Bradshaw and Julio Jones for the opening week. 

For Curran, we'll go one by one.

At quarterback, he chose the man he also expects to be picking up the NFL's Most Valuable Player trophy. 

"Give me Matt Ryan, the future MVP, against the Saints defense, Drew Brees on the other side. He's going to turn that thing into a shootout."

Onto running back, Curran turned to youth. Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and LeSean McCoy are obviously always in the mix here, but Curran opted for a certain Buccaneer coming off a breakout rookie campaign. 

"I am going to go with the Muscle Hamster in week one," Curran said. "You might think I'm wasting him, well he's going against the Jets defense and I might take every single running back all year long who's playing the Jets. So, give me the Muscle Hamster, Doug Martin from Tampa Bay."

Finally, wide receiver. There hasn't been any hometown flavor on this list thus far, but Curran added some when it came down to the wideout he most trusts in the opening week.

"I am taking Danny Amendola, the local boy is going to catch 10 or more and I know this is not a PPR league, but he's also going to get himself over 100 yards, two touchdowns," Curran said. "Bill Belichick is going to make a point, a point in week one to show there is no Welker hangover."