Curran: Pats need to move Manning

Curran: Pats need to move Manning
January 16, 2014, 7:15 am
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The biggest diffence between preparing to face the Broncos' Peyton Manning vs. preparing for the Colts' Andrew Luck? Peyton Manning isn't beating you with his feet, says Patriots insider Tom E. Curran.

Perhaps, Curran said, Manning's feet are the key to the Pats having success against him Sunday in the AFC Championship Game in Denver. If the Patriots pass rush can get Manning to move those feet, they may be able to contain the Broncos passing game.

"Move the stationary quarterback off his spot," said Curran. Because Manning isn't a running cornerback, it may allow the Pats to do more things in terms of sending personnel after him.

Curran also said the Patriots are likely expecting the Broncos to do the same thing they did on offense that they did in their Novemver meeting. That is pile up the rushing yards. Denver ran for more than 280 in the Patriots' victory in Foxboro.

Again, expect the Patriots to almost dare the Broncos to run and take their chances stopping Denver running back Knowshon Moreno rather than a Manning aerial assault.