Curran on Martin's bravery

Curran on Martin's bravery
February 17, 2014, 1:30 am
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You've undoubtedly heard about the bullying that went on in the Miami Dolphins locker room, mostly from Richie Incognito to Jonathan Martin.

Well, on Friday, the full report came out on just what was said and done to Martin to force him to leave the Dolphins. Tom E. Curran wrote a great piece on it, which you can read right here. He also talked about it with the Boston Herald's Ron Borges, where the two discussed how brave Martin is to go through what he did.

"What I mean by bravery when I talk about Jonathan Martin is having to deal every day with that cross to bear," Curran said.

While it's obviously not a "good" situation, perhaps good can come out of it and players or teams will really think long and hard before lowering themselves down to the level of Incognito. Borges uses an example from Greg Williams' bounty speech with the Saints as something that just isn't right in the real world.

"Hopefully both in that situation in New Orleans going forward and definitely in this situation," Curran said, "you'll have guys who can stand up and say, 'You know what? You can't say that to him anymore Richie. It's three of you guys going at him every freaking day, you got to cut it out.'"