Curran looks at potential wideout draft targets

Curran looks at potential wideout draft targets
May 6, 2014, 6:30 am
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If the Patriots take a wideout in the 2014 draft, it would be against the trend M.O of Bill Belichick.


Because the Patriots' coach hasn't selected a wide receiver since Derek Alexander in 1994 when he was with the Cleveland Browns.

Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran broke down some potential wide receiver options for the New England Patriots in the 2014 Draft.

Dare to Dream

Sammy Watkins - Clemson

6'1", 211lbs 


Mike Evans - Texas A&M

6'5", 231lbs

"[Watkins] is the coin of the realm, the best guy out there." said Curran, "Secondarily would be Mike Evans from Texas A&M. These guys should be Pro Bowl players for years to come."


Hold the Line

Kelvin Benjamin - Florida State

6'5", 240lbs

Led ACC with 15 touchdown receptions in 2013

"He's a hybrid wide receiver / tight end based upon his ability to get the ball, play physically and also be a strong guy on the outside."


Bargain Bin 

Allen Robinson - Penn State

6'2", 220lbs

Led Big Ten in receptions and reception yards in consecutive seasons.

"Bill Belichick loves production, and the Patriots could use some height."