Curran, Howe: Just Garoppolo behind Brady?

Curran, Howe: Just Garoppolo behind Brady?
August 25, 2014, 1:00 am
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As the regular season approaches, the New England Patriots continue to trim down their roster.

What are the chances the Patriots go into the regular season with three quarterbacks on the roster? 

"I think the third quarterback on this team is a luxury item," said Tom E. Curran. "I'm saying you flip [Mallet] right directly to the St. Louis Rams before this night expires… Flip him, try to get him out."

If Mallett is traded, what could the Patriots get in exchange?

"If you want Mallett, I think you can get him for at least a six or a seven [round pick]," said Howe. "[Belichick] isn't seeing what we're all seeing in Garoppolo.  He doesn't think Garoppolo is ready this year, and will only trade Mallett if the value is right."