Curran: Garoppolo 'significantly better' than Mallett

Curran: Garoppolo 'significantly better' than Mallett
August 29, 2014, 7:30 pm
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As far as quarterback competitions go, this one was pretty lopsided. 

Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran and Kyle Draper discuss the battle to be the Patriots' backup QB, and whether or not Jimmy Garoppolo has done enough to supplant incumbent Ryan Mallett. 

"I have to say that in every instance that would have to be the case," says Curran. "[Garoppolo] will make more mistakes in his first year, but he’s still significantly better than the Damon Huard of today, which is Ryan Mallett."

"He’s showed us more in four games than Mallett showed us in four years," says Draper. 

Garoppolo struggled in his first few practices, but when the Patriots got on the field in preseason games, there was no question that Garoppolo was out-performing Mallett. In Thursday's final preseason game against the Giants, Garoppolo handled every single snap, while Mallett never left the sideline.

"You can take a highlight reel of all Ryan Mallett’s great plays in the preseason, and even good plays, and it would probably be the same length as Jimmy Garoppolo’s from this year," says Curran. "He’s just had a greater volume of successful drives and plays."