Curran: "disturbing effort" for Pats D vs Eagles

Curran: "disturbing effort" for Pats D vs Eagles
August 10, 2013, 9:45 pm
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The Patriots offense was firing on all cylinders Friday, producing four touchdowns and a total of 31 points in its preseason opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

But even with many questions at receiver, that side of the ball remains the smaller issue in New England.

The defense was not quite so impressive in this contest.

Michael Vick led a nearly uninhibited touchdown drive for the Eagles on the team's first possession and things hardly stalled from there. Philadelphia ended the game with 22 points, plenty of scoring for the Patriots to have some serious reservations about their defensive unit.

"If you look at really the disturbing effort that they gave when they came in and the Eagles just marched right down the field when it was basically the whole second team in there," Tom E. Curran said. "That had to give Bill Belichick pause about how much the guys are getting it."

This was just one game in the books and maybe a time to work out the kinks. Whatever the case, the Patriots do not have the luxury to wait long for these pieces to start really melding.

After all, their next opponent is the Buccaneers, and as Curran noted, this Tampa Bay squad has a lot more refined offensive firepower than the Eagles.

"Again, the first preseason game, they have to get up to speed, and their performance absolutely improved after that," Curran said. "But I think overall when you look at it…this is an Eagles team that is hard to gauge against, next week they see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, not only Josh Freeman but Josh Johnson, who is an extremely athletic, strong-armed quarterback who can get outside the pocket."